The Elm Tree Project

The Elm Tree Project

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Reception at The Elm Tree Project Studio


Join us from 3-6pm at the studio for a casual reception. Also, 6-7pm on Brown University's main campus green, a collaborative mixed-media installation will premiere.
Lauren Oakes - Exhibit "Three Green Works in Progress"


3GWIP - Open this week with a closing reception Thursday 4/15 8-10pm at the List Art Center (64 College St.)

-news- read an interview with Lauren here...
The Elm Tree Project Studio nearing renovation


The unassuming brick building on Tockwotten St. is transforming itself into the home of the Elm Tree Project
Elm tree removed from Thayer St.


The removal of the elm tree from in front of the Watson Institute signals the beginning of the Elm Tree Project. The tree was cautiously removed to the Providence Steel Mill for storage, while choice sections were sent to Massachusetts for seasoning.

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